Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cowhides Of Love

Of course, when you think of Valentine’s Day, you think of RUBY REDS, DELICATE AND HOT PINKS, - red roses, hot-pink heart-shaped boxes, red sweaters - What about RED RAWHIDE RUGS???? Red is such an amazing, outgoing color - full of life, beauty AND vigor! Wouldn’t it be great to show off your personality at home with an all-natural RED Cowhide Rug to accent your home? And especially for Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t get much more romantic than cuddling up with your loved one by a warm fire on a naturally soft and luxurious full-haired cowhide.

At Rawhide Company, we offer so many options to add that pop of red to you décor. Our Monochrome hides come in all black, all brown, or all off-white; however, naturally light-toned hides can also be dyed to any color, EVEN RED, without compromising feel and suppleness.

For those who want to be extra adventurous this Valentine’s Day, opt for one of our exotic print hides. We have many different animal-print cowhides that can be dyed RED to spice up your décor!

Of course, you can get really wild with a Wild with Contrasting Colors Cowhide in RED! One of Traditional Cowhide “patterns” dyed any color for RawHide Company full-haired Pop!

AND…If you are need a Valentine’s Gift - A SPARKLY GIFT - for that special someone, you can be sure she will love a Metallic Platinum Speckled RED Cowhide!

Rawhide Company brings you superior quality Brazilian full-haired cowhides The simple luxury of rawhide can warm furniture or heat up a wall (or a moment - hee hee). The variety offered by natural hides can create space or just pull it together to get the right look…anytime of year!

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