Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Into Style With Natural Cowhide

Spring is in the air, clean and fresh - and the winter blues can now transform into greens, pinks and other colors that are found in nature - that inspire our designs this time of year. Renewal, growth and nature - are themes that come to mind when we think of Spring. And what better way to welcome Spring than with a beautiful colored  cowhide rug?

A cow hide rug can wield cool Spring colors, or the feel of nature that only a natural hair hide can bring. They are also very versatile - and are not limited to being on the floor.  You can accessorize with pillows, hang a hide on a wall, use it as upholstery or accent  - or even use a cowhide in an art project.

Natural cowhide pillows are a fast and easy way to bring pattern and texture to your design.

This Spring, bring nature indoors, brighten your room and mood - with a natural cowhide rug.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Organic & Eco Friendly Interior Accents

We all hear about “going green” and protecting “Mother Earth” by buying "organic" and "eco-friendly" products - but you might be wondering - what exactly does all this mean, and how does this pertain to cowhide rugs?

You can decorate with style and still use organic materials, no matter what your style is. Cowhide rugs can and should be considered an eco-friendly interior accessory for your interior design if you consider that they are made using the skin of the cows that we (some of us) eat. It's recycling at it's best.

Our hides are tanned naturally, and do not pose a risk to children or animals. They are eco-friendly, as the processes they go through the pollute less in the process of manufacturing.

Cowhides are thick, durable and most likely will last as long as you choose to have the rug in your design. They also have a distinct style that's been used in design for centuries. This means longevity to your design in two ways:

1/ Cowhides are a timeless accessory - they'll NEVER go out of style
2/ Cowhides - with proper care, will last a lifetime, meaning - you won't have to replace it

What a great alternative to a rug that might go out of style, or wear quickly, leaving you to have to purchase another synthetically made product to accessorize your home.

Cowhide rugs, then - easily fall into the “Four R's” of living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. You can feel good about your purchase and not having to buy synthetic rugs.

What are the four R’s?

  • Reduce – It means reducing the volume of waste in our daily life.
  • Reuse – Means reusing items to cut down on being disposed of and the use of recycling. Buy items that you can use more than one time or furniture that is made out of recycled materials.
  • Recycle – Recycling is a process where a material has outlived it’s useful life and you find another way to re-use the product, or turn in to a recycling center.
  • Rethink- The most important of the four R’s. If we all rethink what we are buying and rethink how to reuse, we can make our environment a better place.

When you adding items to your home or office, there are so many new ways to make things a bit more natural and safe. There is non toxic paint, beautiful refurbished and recycled furniture pieces made of old broken and recyled glass, and of course natural hide rugs and pillows.

Cowhides can add any new vision to the room that you want and you can rest assure that you are helping our earth when purchasing a natural cowhide rug!