Monday, April 28, 2014

Organic Shapes: Design Trend

Want to soften a sleek, modern room? Try incorporating organic shapes. These curvilinear pieces have rounded, circular edges and mimic the shapes found in natural objects such as leaves, plants and animals. Organic shapes are used to create a calming, flowing atmosphere and can help soften sharp lines in other parts of your room. Here’s how you can use organic shapes to enhance your next interior design project and create a naturally relaxing room:
Soften a minimalist theme.
Organic shapes are an incredibly popular addition to minimalist or contemporary rooms. These modern rooms stick to basic, essential furniture and often have several black and white contrasts with an occasional splash of color. Organic shapes can help soften this look and prevent it from looking too bare or empty. Incorporate curved edges in different parts of the room, including couches, tables, lighting fixtures, window frames or rugs. You can still have traditional shapes such as squares and rectangles, but make them more organic by muting the edges.
Organic -shaped furniture.
Swivel chairs, loveseats or couches with rounded corners are all examples of organic-shaped furniture that can help soften contemporary rooms. These pieces, especially when they stand alone, can be bright. They add a touch of color and become a focal point in a black and white room. Egg or scoop chairs are also popular choices, as are circular or asymmetric tables.
Soften the edge of your contemporary room with gentle, organic shapes to craft the perfect balance between minimalism and relaxation.

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